Hi, I’m Shelby! I’ve been programming for about 3 years since mid 2019, and I work at the intersection of math and computer science. I love algorithm dev, optimization, quantum computing, and general problem solving. Recently, I’ve taken up an interest in gradient and frequency domain image processing, and I’m looking to get deeper into machine learning, geometric algebra, and complex analysis.

Many people consider me to be the resident fractal enthusiast. On the side I like to dabble in 3D modeling and Photography.

Project Showcase


A multithreaded CPU fractal renderer package written in Rust that allows you to customize the coloring algorithm, pixel mapping, and iterator.


This uses a palette of square images to map pixels in an input image to a large image made up of the closest palette items.


A tool that generates a Minecraft datapack allowing you to spawn a bundle displaying an image using in-game items.

Motion Visualizer

A demonstration of computing approximate sub-pixel motion over time of a GIF using the gradient domain.

Poisson Blender

A GUI to seamlessly paste features from one image onto another within the gradient domain using a clone brush.

WIP Projects